Marketing Plan and Strategy Mastery: Do more, Stress Less

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The marketing plan is often used interchangeably with ‘marketing strategy, although it’s critical to understand that these are very different ideologies. Strategy is a crucial component of any marketing plan, while a marketing plan is the advertising strategy that a business will implement to sell its product or service.  A Marketing plan is also an outlined document that the organization will embark upon to generate more returns and reach target markets.

This textbook will help you to:

  1. Understand what are the benefits of a marketing plan
  2. Develops a better understanding of marketing strategy implementation
  3. Understand what are the document proposals for marketing strategy
  4. Understand what are the contents needed for the preparation of marketing plan documentations
  5. Understand what is the general overview of Branding strategy model implementation
  6. Develop a better understanding of communication plan model implementation


Table of Contents

  1. Marketing plan: Introduction, meaning and definition

Chapter One

  1. Benefits of preparing a marketing plan in an organization
  2. Key characteristics you need to bear in mind when preparing a marketing plan in the organization
  3. Marketing Strategy in an organization: General overview details
  4. Outline tactics for marketing implementation
  5. Compile budget for marketing strategy implementation in the organization

 Chapter Two

  1. Documents proposal for marketing strategy in an organization
  2. How do an organization carry out/ execute marketing strategy in their system
  3. Summary contents for preparing marking plan in the organization
  4. Marketing and Strategy: General overview details
  5. Marketing reduction in an organization

Chapter Three

  1. Demarketing principles: General overview details
  2. Branding strategy: General overview details
  3. Branding strategy: Corporate brand
  4. Branding strategy: Range branding
  5. Branding strategy: Multibrands
  6. Branding strategy: Distributor brand

Chapter Four

  1. Branding strategy model: General overview details
  2. Branding strategy: Promotion
  3. Strategies of the Promotion mix.
  4. Strategies of the Promotion mix: Creative strategy

Chapter Five

22. Process of formulating Advertising strategy

  1. Strategies of Promotion mix: Media strategy

24. Personal selling: General overview details

  1. Strategies of Promotion mix: Sales promotion
  2. Strategies of Promotion mix: Publicity and PR

Chapter Six

  1. Distribution system: criteria for distribution system
  2. Sales strategic and tactics decisions
  3. Communication plan model in an organization
  4. Communication plan model. Selling process and the criteria for selling process in an organization
  5. Communication plan model. Public relations and PR and the criteria for Public relation and PR

Chapter Seven

  1. Communication plan model. Publicity and criteria for the publicity
  2. Communication plan model. Sales propaganda and criteria for sales propaganda
  3. Communication plan model. Advertising and criteria for advertising

Chapter Eight

  1. Communication plan model. Sponsorship and criteria for sponsorship
  2. Communication plan model. Merchandise and the criteria for merchandise
  3. With special reference to the international market, apply all the seven models highlighted above to your study

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