Human Resources Management (HRM)

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Who needs to attend:

HR manager, corporate executives, payroll officers, selection officers, recruitment officers, recruitment professional and consultants.


Modules for Human Resource Management HRM

  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management HRM

Chapter One

  1. Seven qualities of a Human resource manager in the organization
  2. Functions of Human resource management in the organization
  3. Five basic managerial functions of HRM in the organization

 Chapter Two

  1. The strategic approach to HRM in the organization
  2. Example of organization strategies associated with HR strategies
  3. Human resource strategy in the organization

Chapter Three

  1. Formulating a corporate and an HR strategy
  2. Method for Job analysis and design in the organization
  3. Recruiting methods, selection process, retaining employees of Human resource management of the organization

Chapter Four

  1. The strategic compensation system of HR in the organization
  2. The process of employees motivation in the organization
  3. The management model applicable in HRM of the organization:
  • The Mckinsey 7S Model
  • The ADKAR Model


Benefits of Human resource management training materials to the clients. It will put more lights in the following areas in HRM in the organization:

  • HRM, what is it in general?
  • What is the main task of HRM?
  • What are the qualities of an HR manager in the organization for performance effectiveness?
  • How you can handle strategic approach in HRM effectively in the organization.

Other benefits: Our HRM training module will add more value to the Human resource managers to become better managers of people, develop strategies and skills for hiring, managing their performance, selection of the right people at any key available openings, and rewarding employees effectively for a job well done.


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