Business plan and strategy for growth mindset

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Organizations that find it difficult to measure their business metric and performance. The purpose of this book is to help entrepreneurs focus on the specific steps necessary for them to make business ideas succeed, but it also helps them to achieve short-term and long-term objectives, not only that, it creates an avenue an effective strategy for growth, determines future financial needs, and attract investors and lenders etc

This textbook will help you to:

  1. Identify Business plan documentation
  2. Identify the structure and content of a business plan
  3. Identify the planning structure in the Business plan
  4. Identify how to write the Business plan without stress

Additionally, it will also help you practically in Business plan creation to handle the following clearly:

  • Defining your business in such a way that it suits your goals and objectives: how do you define your business activities e.t.c
  • Understand your market: how do you understand your market you are going to compete i.e competitors
  • Define your products/services: i.e how do you define a product or service and sell it to customers in a way they care about.
  • How do you run your operations in such a way that you can support that business as well as managing a lot of administrations functions in your organizations?
  • How do you make the entire process and project your financial results etc?


Table of Contents

Introduction and definition of  Business plan.

Chapter One

  • Business plan preparation: General overview details
  • Typical structure for a Business plan for a start-up ventures/industry/company/establishment etc
  • Typical questions addressed by the Business plan for a start-up ventures/industry/company/establishment etc

Chapter Two

  • Purpose of the Busines plan
  • Importance of the Business planning process
  • Business strategy plan: General overview details

Chapter Three

  • Strategy development in Business plan
  • Summary of strategy development in Business plan
  • Preparatory Business planning issues for your ventures

Chapter Four

  • Contents of how to write a professional Business plan for your start-up ventures/industry/establishment/company etc
  • Structure and contents of a professional Business plan
  • Planning the Business plan for your ventures

Chapter Five

  • Outline the Business plan for your ventures
  • Business plan outline for your establishment
  • Writing the professional Business plan: What followings do you need to take note of. (Suggestions to assist when drafting the plan)

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