Project Management System Service:

DBC project management system service will center broadly on :

  • What is project management system , what are the overview of project phases in an organization etc
  • Why is project management system necessary or important in the organization
  • Project management basics, foundation and practice etc
  • Project management triangle : What are the impact of quality, cost, time in project management system
  • What are the expectations of stakeholders in project management system as related to quality, cost, time etc
  • Project applications, project allocations, stakeholders benefits: what are their impacts in project management
  • In project management system, how can we identify the duties of a project manager, the project timing,  and the project milestones etc
  • PRINCE 2 (Project in Controlled Environments): What are the seven steps process prince 2 in details: (Business case, Organization, Quality, Plans, Risks, Change, Progress.)

Client benefit: The ability to implement and carry out project management approaches, mindset, principles, phases successfully in the organization