Project organization role allocation that can be applied in the project management system

The Project Organization defines the human infrastructure of the project. This task is designed to define the project organization chart, the roles, and the relationships of the project team. The organizational structure clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities of each position, augmenting the existing role definitions where necessary to cover all of the responsibilities.

Project Management- Triangle

The project can only be successful if the desired objective can be achieved in all three target dimensions i.e time, costs and quality. This is the expectations of the stakeholders etc.

Project Organization: Role Allocation

Role of Client:

  • Initiator and client of the project
  • Assigning of project manager and deciding of the project organization, Competence regulation of project manager
  • Approval of project and project results/milestones
  • Involvement of affected Departments for the project

 Project Organization: Project Manager

Role of Project Manager:

  • Moderation of project objective and goal process with the client
  • Responsible for the achieving of agreements of project results and goals
  • Responsible for operative planning and controlling of project terms of structure, process, schedule, capacity and cost
  • Make substantive decisions
  • Give instructions or job orders to staff members with int he projects

Project Organization: Project Employee

Role of Project Employee:

  • Responsible for the implementation of the assigned work packages and tasks
  • Technical and administrative tasks
  • Finish assigned work units correctly, in a timely manner and on budget
  • Coordination within the team and with the project manager
  • Reporting of work progress of the project
  • Inform the project manager on time about risks and target-information-deviations

Project Organization: Steering Committee

Role of Steering Committee:

  • Steering committee as the supreme decision-making body of the project organization
  • The project supporters support the project management and staff in planning and managing the project
  • Making decisions that are outside the competence of project manager
  • Monitoring of project results and progress
  • Identification of plan and deviations

Project Organization: Expert

Role of Expert:

  • Technical supervisors who provide their know-how and resources to achieve the project objectives

Project Organization: Sponsor

Role of Sponsor / of the sponsors

  • Internal support of the project manager and project teams
  • Minimization of acceptance problems and resistors
  • Representation and defence of the project steering committee meetings, committees and events
  • Representation of the project in public project activities and publications


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