Transform your quality system through total quality management TQM

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The establishment in the past is faced with problems of achieving customer satisfaction in their key performance indicators KPI from the customer point of view because there is a lack of understanding of what Total Quality Management TQM implementation benefits really brings. This textbook provides all the insights in full detail that are needed to understand all aspects of the Total Quality Management TQM approach in a broad sense and how to carry it out successfully in the organizational system.

The textbook covers all aspects of TQM beginning from the foundation, discusses what quality is and its concepts in highlight the importance of the task of different management levels in implementing TQM in their corporate system to achieve success.

The textbook also and presents the vast majority of technical tools to introduce to solve quality problems.

The textbook is useful for MBA students (both graduates and undergraduates) who want to further their career in quality and wants to know more about the success that surrounds the implementations of TQM in their system.

The textbook is also for the students of engineering and management in higher institutions of learning who wants to broaden their horizon about TQM, and also helpful in choosing the correct way in quality system approach, not only that, it also helps organization managers and top management levels in decision-making while analyzing their process for improvement purposes


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Total Quality Management TQM

Chapter One

  1. Dimensions of Quality
  2. Culture of Quality
  3. What is Total Quality?
  4. Why we need Quality
  5. What are the different views of quality ideology
  6. History of Quality: General overview details

 Chapter Two

  1. Total Quality Management definition
  2. Some basic tenets of the TQM approach
  3. Why Total Quality Management approach
  4. Four components of TQM in an organization
  5. Eight elements of TQM in an organization
  6. How to develop TQM in an organization

Chapter Three

  1. The Role of Management (Senior and other top organizational managers) in TQM
  2. The Total Quality Management process
  3. Necessary steps to carry out the input-output process for TQM in an organization.
  4. Total Quality Management TQM Pyramid

Chapter Four

  1. The Received wisdom on TQM
  2. The introduction of TQM
  3. The systemic approach to TQM
  4. The framework for the introduction of TQM
  5. The levels of Total Quality Management TQM

Chapter Five

  1. The sustaining TQM
  2. The Business context of TQM
  3. The Traditional Management Vs Total Quality Management TQM

26. Why Total Quality Management system fails in organizations (reasons for the failure of TQM)

  1. How TQM can work out or can be improved in general (remedies for improvement)

Chapter Six

  1. How TQM can work out in an organization(top management recommendations)
  2. Quality costing principles
  3. Seven quality tools applicable in TQM to solve the vast majority of quality problems in an organization
  4. Other technical quality tools (eight) to solve quality problems in an organization

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