Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management

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Why Is Strategic Human Resource Management Important? Strategic human resource management is the foundation of a strong business because, when properly applied, it ensures that the company as a whole is working together to reach its goals. This gives the business a greater chance to succeed.

This textbook will help you to:

  1. Understand what is the strategic approach to HRM
  2. Develops a better understanding of HRM in general
  3. Understand what are the main task of the HR manager
  4. Brings clarity to what managerial functions of HRM in the organization is.
  5. Understand what are the qualities of HR manager for performance effectiveness
  6. Understand what are the Human resource strategy in the organization
  7. Handle strategic approach in HRM effectively in the organization.


Table of  Contents

  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management HRM

Chapter One

  1. Seven qualities of a Human resource manager in the organization
  2. Functions of Human resource management in the organization
  3. Five basic managerial functions of HRM in the organization

 Chapter Two

  1. The strategic approach to HRM in the organization
  2. Example of organization strategies associated with HR strategies
  3. Human resource strategy in the organization

Chapter Three

  1. Formulating a corporate and an HR strategy
  2. Method for Job analysis and design in the organization
  3. Recruiting methods, selection process, retaining employees of Human resource management of the organization

Chapter Four

  1. The strategic compensation system of HR in the organization
  2. The process of employees motivation in the organization
  3. The management model applicable in HRM of the organization:
  • The Mckinsey 7S Model
  • The ADKAR Model

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