Leadership Development & Management in an organization

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Who needs to attend:

Company chief executives CEO- both senior and junior executives-upper levels, senior management executives at the middle  levels, company managers, leadership development and consultant etc who want to move their organizational affairs into the right directions.


Modules for Leadership Development and Management in an organization.

  • Introduction to Leadership: General overview details
  • Other definitions and final thoughts on Leadership
  • Leadership: An overview of the final thought.

Chapter One

  • The commitment of Leadership: five criteria that need to accomplish in this process
  • What constituency expect of a leader: four most essential prerequisites of Leadership
  • The essence of Leadership, what we expect or want from our leader.
  • Traits of leadership style: Positive and negative leadership traits.

Chapter Two

  • A trait approach to leadership: according to the specialist.
  • Bennis Seven characteristics of effective performance traits of leadership style.
  • Negative leadership traits itemized in detail.
  • Negative leadership traits according to the specialist.

Chapter Three

  • Leadership trait that does matter in an organization system – i.e. the leadership trait that do essential for the running of the organization.
  • Five leadership styles according to the management.
  • leadership management process at a glance.
  • Haize Mitchell path-goal theory on leadership

Chapter Four

  • Hersey-Blanchard model situation on leadership
  • Democratic versus Authoritarian styles of leadership
  • Comparison and difference between Authoritarian and Democratic (Democratic and Republican Leadership).
  • Leadership and Management: Relationship between the two ideologies
  • Leadership and Management: Differences between the two ideologies

Chapter Five

  • 15 Truths about what leadership is/is not in general terms.
  • General Inspiring quotes about leadership in general terms


Benefits of leadership development and management training materials to the clients:

  • Enable the organizations to know what are attributes of a good leadership style the constituency expect to visualize or see.
  • Helping businesses and organisations leadership to know what is the traits they need to discover.
  • Helping the organizations to know what the real commitment of leadership.
  • Helping the organizations to know what are traits approach to leadership according to the specialist.
  • What are the negative & positive traits of leadership style we can come across in the practical sense and the one that is common.
  • What the five leadership style according to the management.
  • Democrats versus Authoritarian leadership, which is preferable and what there attributes.
  • Fifteen truth about what leadership is and / is not in practical sense.

Other benefits: The leadership training module will result in a better understanding of decision-making. it can also assist in implementing the most appropriate leadership style for your organization and the work you do. bot only that, it can also be useful to nurture your future leaders. Finally, it can help you to retain your employees, people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses! So by investing in the training modules, you can retain your employees and reduce costly recruitment expenses.


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