Modules for Business Plan and Business Strategy

  1. Introduction
  2. Business plan: what is it.
  3. Business plan preparation
  4. Typical structure for a business plan for a start-up venture
  5. Typical questions addressed by a business plan for a start-up venture
  6. Purpose of the business plan
  7. Importance of the Business planning process
  8. Business strategy plan
  9. Strategy development in business plan
  10. Summary of strategy development in business plan
  11. Preparatory business planning issues
  12. Contents on how to write a Business plan
  13. Structure and content of a business plan
  14. Planning the Business plan
  15. Outline the Business plan
  16. Business plan outline
  17. Writing the Business plan

Benefits of the Business plan and Business strategy training material to the clients:

  • Contents on how to write a Business plan documentation
  • Structure and content of a business plan
  • Planning the Business plan
  • Outline the Business plan
  • Business plan outline
  • Writing the Business plan

Additionally, it will also help you practically in Business plan creation to handle the followings clearly:

  • Defining your business in such a way that it suits your goals and objectives: how do you define your business activities e.t.c
  • Understand your market: how do you understand your market you are going to compete i.e competitors
  • Define your products/services: i.e how do you define a product or service and sell it to customers in a way they care about.
  • How do you run your operations in such a way that you can support that business as well as managing a lot of administrations functions in your organizations
  • How do you make the entire process and project your financial results e.t.c

Other benefits: Our Business Plan and Business Strategy training module will help you to have a great insight on how to gain a competitive hedge over industries/firm concerning its rivalry, by exploiting core strengths in specific market segments. Secondly, it will allow the clients to prepare a standard business plan without stress when securing funds for investment.

Who needs to attend:

Business manager, Managing directors, Senior managers from every level of the organization and any other persons interested to create or establish small, medium and large ventures or organization that will result in good profit margin etc

Modules for Business plan,Business strategy