Change Management System Consulting & Traning Services:

DBC change management system consulting service will centre broadly on :

What is a change management system?
Why is change management system necessary?
Applications, phases of change management system in practice
Resistance to organizational change and how can it be handle etc

Change Management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt a change to drive organizational success and outcomes. There are two major kinds of organizational change; change imposed by circumstances and change that is planned and adapted to encourage growth or improvement.

The benefit of DBC change management to the client?
•    Helps to plan efficient communication strategies
•    Managed change can minimize resistance to change
•    Improves morale, productivity and quality of work
•    Improves cooperation, collaboration and communication
•    The time needed to implement change is reduced
•    The possibility of an unsuccessful change is reduced
•    Employee performance increases when staff feel supported and understand the change process
•    Increased customer service and effective service to clients from confident and knowledgeable employees

Why You Should Attend
Is your organization impacted by changes within marketplace competition?
Do you or your organization plan on acquiring or merging with another company?
Are you undertaking a major system implementation?
Are you executing strategic plans within or outside your company?
Do you consult and need to be ahead of the trends and technologies in change management?
Has your business been challenged by recent, implemented changes?
Do you lead projects in your organization that could have people working differently?

Who Should Attend
Change Manager or Change practitioners
Project Managers responsible for building change management plans
Chief Executives Officer CEO, Senior Directors, middle managers
Company leaders: lower-level, middle-level, a senior-level etc