Who we are

Dumex Business Consulting (DBC) is a management consulting firm that offers consulting and training services in Total Quality Management, Project Management system, Change Management system, Human Resource Management HRM, Strategy/Business Strategy, Marketing/Marketing Strategy, Financial Management, Innovation Management aimed towards moving an organization into achieving its best in practices and methodology in this present world of competitive markets.

Our Vision

01. To make an impact that will exceed our customers’ expectations. Deliver services that will have long-lasting effects and encourage new business opportunities for clients.

02.To extend services that will give our clients inspiration to realize their versatilities and specialities, which can work as benefits for them


Our Mission

01. To simplify best measures that will move our clients’ business operations to another stage of growth and development.

02. To develop a formidable methodology that will lead to our client’s risk and cost reduction, generate resources.

03. To help our clients to improve their performance operations level, using improvement analysis and principles as input requirements, and therefore develop a blueprint plan for improvement measures as an output requirement, to their operation’s benefit



Business Strategy

Dumex Business Consulting

Committed to excellence: We exceed our client’s expectations in terms of service delivery.

Quality: We engage the right people with the right experience.

Respect: We treat every client and employees with respect and courtesy.

Improvement: We try to improve in terms of service delivery to our clients every day.

Innovation: We tend to think ahead and offer new ideas.

Customer drive: The customer is king and always in our focus at all times.

Professionalism: We tend to use our skills and experience to reach the best outcomes for our clients as soon as possible.

Teamwork: We believe that together, with our collaboration, we can achieve more in terms of service delivery.