1. Introduction to Strategic Planning Development SPD in an organization
  2. Other definitions of Strategy in an organization
  3. What are the Strategy implementation: An overview in details.
  4. Graphical representation of strategy implementation in an organization:
    • Management of change
    • Organizational structure
    • Management of resources
  5. What are main Manager task in company strategy implementation in practice.
  6. How can a company strategy be implement successfully:What are the key process drivers in graphical explanation of the implementation process.
  7. Strategic planning: An overview in details
  8. Strategic plan versus Business plan: comparism and similarities
  9. Strategic plan versus Operational plan: comparism and similarities.
  10. The process of strategic planning in an organization in details
  11. Fundamental phases of strategic planning in an organization.
  12. Graphical representation of phases of strategic planning in an organization.
  13. Basic approach to strategic planning in an organization
  14. Key steps towards a strategic plan in an organization.
  15. Assess current position (company-business) in an organization
  16. Effect not equal to cause when planning strategy in an organization
  17. SWOT – Key to business strategies in an organization
  18. Develop business strategies in an organization.
  19. Corporate planning: An overview in details.
  20. Reason which caused Planning system to fail in an organization.
  21. The critical role commitment ofchief executive officer CEO toward successful implementation of corporate planning strategic in an organization.
  22. What is Control strategy: an overview in details
  23. Planning and control in details in an organization
  24. Control and the budget system in details in an organization.
  25. Problem in strategic control in an organization
  26. What is Corporate planning: the three major levels of organizational strategy:
    • Corporate level
    • Business level and
    • Functional level.
  27. Objectives and strategy: an overview in details.
  28. Organization structure in details i.e. functional organizational structure e.t.c.
  29. Finance and strategy: an overview in details.
  30. Marketing and strategy: an overview in details.
  31. Production and strategy: an overview in details.
  32. Research and development and strategy: an overview in details.
  33. Personnel and strategy: an overview in details.
  34. Entry and Exit strategies in an organization
  35. Co-operative strategies in an organizational system in full details.
  36. Tactical strategies in an organizational system in full details, different types of tactical strategy we can come accross e.t.c.
  37. Entry and Exit barriers in company business in details.
  38. Three key means of entry in company merger identified in details.
  39. Divestment: Reasons for divestment, method of divestment, key factors in a management buy out (MBO) in an organizational system.
  40. Summary of tactical strategies in an organizational system.
  41. Decide on future strategy: How company can decide on future strategy implementation.
  42. How company cusing pictoral format can carry out process of strategy choice effectively and efficiently.
  43. The critical criteria to successful strategic choices in an organizational system: identified in details.
  44. How company can identify strategic alternative from so many strategic choice to undertaken: identify in full details.
  45. Boston consulting group: strategic fit (BCG Matrix). How can be the above BCG Matrix applicable in strategic fit implementation.
  46. What are the dimension of industries attractiveness in an organization.
  47. What are the drawbacks that is associated with BCG Matrix that pare way for multifactor portfolio analysis from GE network.
  48. What are strategic moves within the GE matrix. An overview in details.
  49. Dimensions of business strengths: what are the dimensions of business strenght as applicable to the organizational system.
  50. Evaluation of business strengths against industry attractiveness in an organizational system.
  51. Typical strategies we can come accross in an organizational system through the life-cycle.
  52. How company can decide effectively among strategies option from various strategic fit available.
  53. Strategies for decline industries: what are the reasons for product decline in an organization.
  54. Strategies for decline industries: what are the factors leading to success or failure in an organization.
  55. What are the company strengths and weakness in tacking the decline of products.
  56. What are the symptom of decline industries we can come accross in the organization.
  57. What are the various causes of decline industries we can come accross in the organizational system.
  58. Management summary and checklist for reasons, why industries are declining overtime.

Modules for Strategy planning and development