1. Introduction
  2. Benefit in preparing a marketing plan
  3. Key characteristics you need to bear in mind when preparing a marketing plan.
  4. Prepare strategies: Marketing strategy.
  5. Outline tactics for marketing strategy implementation
  6. Compile Budget for marketing strategy implementation
  7. Document proposals for marketing strategy
  8. Plan execution for marketing strategy
  9. Summary contents for preparing marketing plan documentation
  10. Marketing and Strategy: An overview in details.
  11. Market reduction: An overview in details
  12. Various Types of Eliminating Market reduction failure in practical sense (market strategy in place)
  13. Demarketing principles: An over view in details.
  14. Branding strategy: An overview in details.
  15. Branding strategy types in details:
    • corporate brand
    • range brand
    • multibrands
    • distribution brands
    • mixed branding strategies
  16. Branding strategy model: Graphical representation.
  17. Promotion: An overview in details
  18. Strategies of promotion mix: creative strategy
  19. Process of formulating Advertising strategy
  20. Strategies of promotion mix: media strategy
  21. A media plan process: An overview in details
  22. Strategies of promotion mix: personal selling
  23. Major strategic issues of personal selling (process)
  24. Strategies of promotion mix: sales promotion
  25. Strategies of promotion mix: publicity and PR
  26. Distribution System: An overview in details
  27. Criteria for distribution system in details
  28. Sales strategic and tactics decision
  29. Communication plan model: Graphical representation
  30. Selling process: An overview in details
  31. Criteria for selling process
  32. Public relations: An overview in details
  33. Criteria for public relations
  34. Publicity: An overview in details
  35. Criteria for publicity
  36. Sales propaganda: An overview in details
  37. Criteria for sales propaganda
  38. Advertisment: An overview in details
  39. Criteria for advertisment
  40. Sponsorship: An overview in details
  41. Criteria for sponsorship
  42. Merchandising
  43. Criteria for merchandising
  44. Marketing Information System (MIS) an overview in details, definition.
  45. Sources of marketing information
  46. Marketing research: An overview
  47. Role of marketing research
  48. Marketing research process: stages in process of marketing process.
  49. Types of research: An overview in details
  • Qualitative and
  • Quantitative research data.

Modules for marketing plan,marketing strategy