1. Introduction to Marketing mix, Marketing Strategy and Strategy within marketing in general
  2. Marketing mix: McCarthy’s four P’s used by marketers thoughout the world. (Product, price, promotion, distribution.)
  3. Seven P’s marketing model that adds to the aforementioned of four P’s: identify in details (Physical evidence, people and process).
  4. Marketing mix: Lauterborns four C’s: (consumer wants and needs, cost, communication and convenience) identify in details.
  5. Four C’s in the seven C’s compass model: identify in details.
  6. Marketing within strategy and strategy within marketing: An overview in details.
  7. Relationship between strategy and implementation strategy
  8. Introduction to Marketing strategy: An overview in details
  9. Four types of strategic analysis in details (i.e. external environment, competitive environment, Internal environment and customer needs).
  10. Benchmarking as a tool in marketing strategy in an organization system.
  11. Four main steps in benchmarking as a tool in marketing strategy in an organization
  12. Resource and capabilities of economic organization in general details.
  13. Introduction to SWOT Analysis: An overview in details.
  14. Advantages and stages of SWOT analysis: key elements of SWOT analysis applicable in practice
  15. Possible elements of a SWOT Analysis in an organization system
  16. Hints of How Marketing Manager can achieve a formidable goals & objectives in the organization
  17. Most important portfolio matrix: BCG matrix, multifactor portfolio matrix of GE in details: the meaning, the similarity, the drawbacks of BCG matrix, and why multifactor portfolio matrix superseed the BCG matrix in practice.

Modules for Marketing mix,marketing within strategy and strategy within marketing