1. Marketing mix: definition and rule
  2. Marketing mix: McCarthy’s four P’s used by marketers thoughout the world. (Product, price, promotion, distribution.)
  3. Seven P’s marketing model that adds to the aforementioned of four P’s: identify in details (Physical evidence, people and process).
  4. Marketing mix: Lauterborns four C’s: (consumer wants and needs, cost, communication and convenience) identify in details.
  5. Four C’s in the seven C’s compass model: identify in details.
  6. Marketing within strategy and strategy within marketing: An overview in details.
  7. Relationship between strategy and implementation strategy
  8. Marketing strategy: An overview in details
  9. four types of strategic analysis in details (i.e. external environment, competitive environment, Internal environment and customer needs).
  10. Benchmarking as a tool in marketing strategy in an organization system.
  11. Four main steps in benchmarking as a tool in marketing strategy in an organization
  12. Resource and capabilities of economic organization in general details.
  13. SWOT Analysis: An overview in details.
  14. Advantages and stages of SWOT analysis: key elements of SWOT analysis applicable in practice
  15. Possible elements of a SWOT analysis in an organization system
  16. Goals of a Marketing Manager in an organization
  17. Most important portfolio matrix: BCG matrix, multifactor portfolio matrix of GE in details: the meaning, the similarity, the drawbacks of BCG matrix, and why multifactor portfolio matrix superseed the BCG matrix in practical sense.

Modules for Marketing mix,marketing within strategy and strategy within marketing