1. Introduction
  2. Leadership defined: other definitions and final definition of Leadership.
  3. Leadership: An overview of the final thought.
  4. Commitment of Leadership: five criteria that need to be fulfilled at these process.
  5. What constituence expect of a leader: four most essential prerequisites of Leadership
  6. Essence of Leadership: what we expect or want from our leader.
  7. Traits of leadership style: Positive and negative leadership trait.
  8. Trait approach to leadership: according to the specialist.
  9. Bennis Seven charactenstics of effective performance an traits of leadership style.
  10. Negative leadership traits itemized in details.
  11. Negative leadership traits according to the specialist.
  12. Leadership trait that do matter in an organization system – i.e. the leadership trait that do essential for the running of the organiaztion.
  13. Five leadership style according to the management
  14. Haize mitchell path goal theory on leadership
  15. Hersey-blanchard model situation on leadership
  16. Democratic versus Authoritarian style of leadership
  17. Compansm between Authoritarian and Democratic Leadership:
  • Example that can be found in practical sense
  1. 15 truths about what leadership is in general terms
  2. 15 truths about what leadership is not in general terms
  3. 20 Inspiring quotes about leadership meaning that are useful in practical sense.

Modules for Leadership management & development