1. Introduction to Human resource management HRM
  2. Human resource management (HRM): what is it in general terms
  3. HR Management: Internal and external environment factors identified
  4. What are the main task of HR Management in an organization
  5. What are the qualities of a HR Manager in an organization
  6. Five basic managerial functions of HRM that we can come across in an organization
  7. What are the strategic approach to HRM in an organization
  8. How can will match Organizational strategies with HR strategies in the system
  9. Human resources strategy: What is it in practice and what types of it we can come across in an organization
  10. How can we formulate together a Corporate strategy and HR strategy in the organization
  11. What are the Method for job analysis and design in the organization
  12. How can we handle successfully the followings in the HRM organizational system: the recruiting methods, the selection process, retaining employees etc
  13. The strategic compensation system in the HRM: what is in general terms  etc

Modules for Human Resources management HRM