1. Introduction and definition of change management system CMS
  2. Characteristics of changes in modern times : An overview
  3. Forces of change : What are the forces of change we have in an organization.
  4. What is change mean in general terms
  5. What are the nature of change we have in an organization
  6. What will change mean to somebody in a business environment
  7. The effect of change management in an organizational system
  8. Greatest change management obstacles in an organizational system
  9. Resistance to change : Types of resistance to change in general terms
  10. Resistance to change :  Why many organizational resistance in recent times?
  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of new skills etc
  1. Mistakes in managing resistance to change in an organization
  2. Effective remedies / response to resistance to change in an organization
  3. Six points on how change resistances mindset in an organizational system
  4. Other strategies applicable to deal with resistance to change in an organization e.g ADKAR model (Awareness ,Desire ,Knowledge,Ability and Reinforcement)
  5. Reactions to change in an organizational system: Positive and Negative etc
  6. Strategies for change in an organization: Kolter and Schlesiner (1979)
  • Six methods to implement Change and overcoming resistance
  1.  An overview : Assimilation points
  2. The state of Change in an organizational system
  3. The transition period of Change in an organization
  4. The strategies for Change management system obstacles in an organization
  5. Factors in selecting a Change management strategy in an organization
  6. Top five contribution strategies for successful Change management system in an organization
  7. The continum of planned Changes :
  • Incremental changes e.g turning ,adaption
  • Discontinuous changes e.g re-orientation ,re-creation
  1. The Transformational changes : An overview
  2. The change process in an organization
  3. The change agent in an organization
  4. The Institutionalization of the change
  5. Graphical representation of four phases of change management process in an organization
  6. Four phases of Change management process in an organization:
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Performance review
  1. Summary of the Change management process CMP in an organization

Modules for change management system