Modules for Innovation Management System

  1. Introduction to Innovation Management System IMS
  2. Innovation Management: What are the Influential factors in the organization
  3. Innovation Management: Influential factors – External and Internal environment.
  4. Innovation Management: What are main the Innovation areas open to the organization
  5. Innovation Management: What are the main objectives of Innovation management System in practice
  6. Innovation Management: What are the forces of Innovation management
  7. What are task of Innovation manager in the organizational innovation projects
  8.  House of Innovation : How does it affect the organizational system
  9. Types of Innovation : What are the types of Innovation we can come across in the organizational system
  10. Innovation promoting corporate culture: How does innovation promote culture in an organization
  11. Service Innovation : What is service innovation, and how does it affect the organization system
  12. What  are the reasons for failure of innovation projects in an organizational system and how can it be rectified.
  13. What are different idea needed for Innovation mindset in an organization
  14. Innovation process : What are the main Innovation process in practice: Five steps process in a nutshell
  15. Innovation Management: Innovation projects in an organizational system
  16. Innovation Management: Innovation strategy in an organizational system
  17. Innovation Strategies : What are other strategies of innovation management
  18. Business Opportunity and Innovation management : Similarities & differences