Total Quality Management TQM Service:

DBC Total Quality Management TQM service will center broadly on :

  • What is Total Quality Management TQM
  • Why is TQM necessary and important in an organization, What is the role of management in TQM, What are the received wisdom on TQM
  • Why TQM practices fails in many organizations and how can these be tackle
  • What is process management system, levels of TQM, Framework for the introduction of TQM and how can we sustain its implementation in practice etc
  • Seven quality tools for problem solving methodology
  • Continuous improvement process CIP or CI (Lean manufacturing, Benchmarking principles, KAIZEN, PDCA techniques etc )
  • Customer- supplier development
  • International Organization for Standardization ISO ( New ISO 9001:2015; New 14001:2015 & New IATF 16949:2016)

 Client benefit: The ability to adopt high quality standard that are necessarily to implement TQM in the organization quality management system etc