The three aspect of strategic action which form part of strategy implementation in an organizational system

These three aspect of strategic action listed below are likely to form part of the process of strategy implementaion in an organizational system: Organizational Structure The management of resources The management of change 1.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Organization structure is premised on involving more than a handful of people,there is a clear need to share the duties […]

The six main reasons which caused planning to fail in an organizational system

All organizations weather large or small have limited resources. The planning process provide the kind of information to top management need & aspiration to make an effective decisions about how to allocate these scarce resources in such a way as to reach there existing goals and objectives. Organization planning system is the process of identifying […]

Some strategies that need to be consider by management during empowering the employeee in an organizational system

Introduction Employee empowerment has been defined in many ways but generally means the process of allowing employees to have full input and control over their work, and the ability to openly share suggestions and ideas about their work in the organization as a whole. In another words empowering the employee means enabling a worker to […]

The six effective main response to reduce change resistance in an organizational system

Change management is the process of identifying the need for change,deciding on what change is required,evaluating the implications of change,developing and implementing change programmes,overcoming resistance to change,seeing that change takes place as smoothly,and ensuring that change is embedded and effective. Six effective responses to resistance to change are stated below for our understandings: 1. Hear […]

Comprehensive corporate framework BCG matrix an overview

Comprehensive Framework Example (1) – BCG Matrix The original BCG framework for strategic portfolio analysis was developed in 1967 Market attractiveness is measured by the future growth rate and competitive position by the relative market share(1) The approach recommends four broad strategies: –Build market share –Hold market share –Harvest –Divest Initially widely used, but has […]

Project management system at a glance

DEFINITION & INTRODUCTION WHAT IS A PROJECT  AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN VIEW A project is a set of related tasks that last for a specific amount of time and then end (hopefully successfully). Project management is the planning, organisation and coordination of this process. Project management involves taking leadership of the people involved in the […]