The four components of Strategy map that can be applicable in an organizational system.

What is Strategy Map A strategy map represents how the organization creates value by connecting strategic objectives in explicit cause-and-effect relationship with each other in the four BSC objectives (financial,customer,processes,learning and growth). The basis of a Strategy map consists of the following perspectives:           FOUR COMPONENTS OF STRATEGY MAP THAT CAN […]

Business process management BPM and the nine areas to assess its implementations on company’s level in general

NINE AREAS TO ASSESS A COMPANY’S LEVEL OF BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT IMPLEMENTATION. PROCESS AWARENESS (PEOPLE INVOLVEMENT) Do your employees, management think in process? What is the level of people involvement in process definition,analysis,and process improvement? What level of change management method has been deployed? Has continuous training been aligned with processes? PROCESS ALIGNMENT Are process […]

Reasons which caused planning to fail in an organizational system and their recommendations.

All organizations weather large or small have limited resources. The planning process provide the kind of information to top management need & aspiration to make an effective decisions about how to allocate these scarce resources in such a way as to reach there existing goals and objectives. Organization planning system is the process of identifying […]

Simplified four major steps in the business process re-engineering measure that can be applicable in an organizational system

 Re-engineering-a working definition Fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of an enterprise business Processes from the customer’s perspertive to achieve dramatic business Performance improvements in measures such as cost,quality service and speed In  BPR process the following elements must CHANGE : Business processes Job definitions Organiaztion structure Policies,measurement system and reward system NOTE :the above changes […]

Basic structures of a standard Business plan and seven key steps strategic development in business plan that can be applicable in organization

What is Business plan A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. Business plans are decision-making tools. BASIC STRUCTURE OF A BUSINESS PLAN […]

Four phases of process management that can be applicable in an organizational system

Definition processes: They have a predefined determination They are dynamic They proceed within or between companies Every business process has five aspects: Four phases of process management that can be applicable in an organizational system. You can see more  of our management training materials and audio recording in the below link:

Corporate strategy framework of assessing / industry attractiveness and competitive position using porter’s forces analysis

Porter’s model provide a useful framework for our analysis. As can be seen from the model below, the competitive environment includes not only the output market but also the input market as well. Generally, the forces of competition will drive an industry towards a profit level which is sufficient to keep the corporate firms in […]

Organizational learning activities at a glance

Introduction The objective of an organization’s policies,processes and programmes for the delivery of learning and training is to achieve the human resources development strategies of the organization by ensuring that it has the skilled,knowlegeable and competent required to meet its present and future needs This objective is attained by creating an environment in which learning […]